Dolphins and swords

Dolphins and swords (Spanish)

Image Dolphins and swords (Spanish)
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    August 17, 2018

  • "Swim with a dolphin and help a person to survive"

Dolphins and swords is a very original videogame in which you have to provide your help to a human moving through the deep sea with the dolphin you will incarnate. The only person who has survived an immense rise in sea level needs a sword to survive, and only you can provide it for him.

A multitude of aquatic scenarios must be explored by you moving about with dexterity. Controlling the dolphin will not be difficult for you, although if the oxygen reaches a very low threshold the difficulty will begin to increase. If you don't get the animal back to normal, it will die and the human species will become extinct.

Dolphins and swords not only aims to entertain, but also to make people aware of various aspects such as the catastrophes that could occur if climate change continues to worsen and the collaboration that should always exist between humans and animals for the good of all living beings on the planet.